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At 10 and 11 years of age, Malik Hakeem and Rahim Elijah began their quest to build a reality that would empower communities by exchanging currency between schools, local businesses and members of the community.  Studying successful economic systems, they've learned that controlling and/or guiding buying power within a community can strengthen each organization within that community. With that as the basis of their business model, they then created a Discount Savings Club that would allow its members 'Larger than Normal' discounts on various products and services offered by community businesses (both local and national).


Their first year in business, Malik and Rahim personally welcomed over 2500 memberships!  

With a solid foundation in place, they have now developed a team of driven fundraising specialist with a goal of raising thousands of dollars for Schools, Athletic Departments, Youth Sports Organizations, Child Care Centers and Non-Profit Organizations throughout the Continental US. 

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